Mark Mingo
Chief Executive Officer , Port St.Maarten
"I am impressed with SCELL’s professionalism. My first impression of energy level of the facilitator, Dr. Gittens was great and her style was very down to earth and real. The training that the Port’s 79 employees will go through is a positive development in their career development and at the same time brings focus with respect to their job and building the Port’s Culture."
Shadira Lont
Manager Human Resources & Development, Telem Group
“I am returning to say thank you for the impressive investment you made into our lives today. I left with so much and I am truly grateful. I had several managers express similar sentiments. Job well done!!!”
Derek Downes
Managing Director, The Windward Islands Bank Ltd.
“WIB is extremely pleased to be associated with this very important initiative of USM, given the importance continuing education plays in Human Resources. Our banks middle management has recently benefited from specialized business courses tailored to our needs well executed be SCELL.”
Shanna Holaman
“It was a very powerful experience. It helps me to enhance my knowledge more on public speaking. Dr. Gittens was the bomb. Nice presentation.”
Florderosie Zurita
“I had a wonderful experience in public speaking session. I am not used to speaking in the public. I had a palpitation when Dr. Natasha called my name to present in front of my classmates. With all the tips and knowledge I’ve learned, I overcame my nervousness. Thank you very much Dr. Natasha.”
Candida McRae-Williams
“The SCELL sessions were a wonderful experience; absolutely thrilling & inspiring; a learning experience to benefit me for life.”
Sabrina Martis James
“Session was very informative but also uplifting a lot of what we already knew but just to actually put more into play. Enjoyed. ”
Cassandra Benjamin
“The course/ presentation was effective and invigorating. Much was learned in the time slot that was give.”
Vernessa Regis
“Overall I really enjoyed the session. It was well prepared and the presenter was very clear on the topic. The session helped me to interpret information on a wide scale about Administrative Skills.”
Ysora Thomas
“My experience with the 3 sessions for today October 10th 2015 was very much needed in my work field. Just a refreshing overview of what I already knew but in a more professional and interesting manner”
Shantal Lee
“Today’s session about Basic Office and Administrative Skills was a success. I learned a lot on Office and Administration Skills and I will be back again to learn more.”
Altagarcia William-Thomas
“Education is a continuous process.” – Keep up the good work at USM.”
Glenda Severin
Brainbytes Session
“Divine intervention, life changing, thought provoking.”
Candida McRae-Williams
Brainbytes Session
“The SCELL sessions were a wonderful experience; absolutely thrilling & inspiring; a learning experience to benefit me for life.”

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